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  • What is TTT? What type of teacher should I be?
  • How shall I motivate my students?
  • Do I comply with CEFR requirements?
  • Why are 21st century skills so crucial?
  • Do I underuse or overuse thematic vocabulary at class?
  • Shall I be authoritarian or authoritative with my students?
  • How can I build up a good rapport with them?
  • What are metacognitive skills? How shall I appeal to them?
  • Which motivation is more important: intrinsic or extrinsic?
  • How can I reach student autonomy in the classroom?
  • How can I root out procrastination?
  • Why do I put on a lot of effort but the outcome is still so low?
  • What should I do with his disruptive behaviour?
  • Why are teens so prickly?
  • What is classroom management?
  • Why hasn't he done the home task again?


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